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To begin the registration process, please enter your organization’s membership log-in and password (not your personal membership account). Contact Charles Kronschnable at charles.kronschnable@mnhospitals.org or 651.603.3503 to obtain login credentials.

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Tracking Hours

As a Registered Apprenticeship Program authorized by the Department of Labor, apprentices are required to document the hours worked in various roles. Supervisors are required to sign off on these hours and save the documentation for each apprentice.

Within our system, there are two kinds of accounts established – apprentice accounts and supervisor accounts.

Apprentice Accounts

Each apprentice can log in using their email address and unique Department of Labor Agreement Number (five digit number) to log hours spent working in each of the Health Support Specialist roles (e.g. culinary, activities, etc.) and post notes for their supervisor as needed.

Supervisor Accounts

Each employer organization will have access to a supervisory account, which lists all active apprentices. Supervisor accounts will have enhanced permissions to officially approve the hours worked, chart completion of online courses and communicate with apprentices as needed. It is recommended this account be coordinated by the organization’s Site Coordinator.

Approved HSS Sponsors must then register each selected apprentice with the Minnesota Department of Labor. Once you have your “Employer Pin/Key” included in the mailing from the Department of Labor, this is a fast and easy online process.

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